URIEXO vs. antibiotics

URIEXO® vs. antibiotics

Implications of using antibiotics for UTI prevention:

Physicians traditionally used antibiotics to prevent UTIs, not just treat them. It is worth noting that while prophylaxis with antibiotics is effective in staving off UTIs, using antibiotics to prevent UTIs can have serious drawbacks.

For one, while antibiotics do strip our body of the bad bacteria that can cause UTIs, they also strip our body of the good bacteria we need to keep a balanced vagina. Without the good bacteria, yeast infections can more easily set in.

Additionally, while antibiotics kill almost all the bacteria in question, it doesn’t always kill all the bacteria. When some bacteria can survive antibiotics, that bacteria develop resistance to the drug. As the resistant bacteria reproduces, they give rise to new populations that are similarly resistant. Pretty soon, that bacteria could have given rise to entire generations of antibiotic resistant bacteria.

So while antibiotics are certainly a tempting UTI prevention method for someone who repeatedly suffers from UTIs, it is worth noting that overusing antibiotics comes with potential long-term risk and side effects.


The good news is that you now have a non-antibiotic approach to manage recurrent Urinary Tract Health….INTRODUCING URIEXO®… clinically proven to help maintain Urinary Tract & Bladder Health.

URIEXO UTIs can help maintain Urinary Tract & Bladder Health by targeting E. coli’s surface component for adhesion (surface proteins called Pili). Typically, the urinary tract flushes away bacteria when you urinate. Surface proteins called “Pili” can cause E. coli to firmly attach themselves to the cells in the urinary tract, and because of this tight grip, it’s hard for the body to naturally flush the bacteria from the urinary tract. URIEXO® targets these proteins on bacterial surface, preventing them from binding to lining of the bladder, kidneys and urinary tracts.



  • Promotes a Healthy Urinary Tract*
  • Helps cleanse & protect the urinary tract*
  • Clinical Strength:
    • 36 mg Proanthocyanidins (PACs)
    • 2000 mg D-mannose
  • Antibiotic-Free
  • Easy to Swallow Capsules




*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to Diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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