New non-prescription URIEXO is a clinically proven non-antibiotic option to UTI prevention.

Only URIEXO is specially formulated with two clinically proven active ingredients at their therapeutic doses (2000 mg of D-Mannose and 36 mg of PACs in its daily recommended dose) that have been demonstrated to be effective as prophylactic therapy for patients with recurrent urinary tract infections (UTIs).

URIEXO combines D-mannose and Proanthocyanidins (PACs), at clinically effective doses to provide you with a one-two punch against UTI-causing bacteria.

Our mechanism of action in more detail:

D-Mannose 2000mg:

    • D-Mannose is a naturally occurring sugar similar in structure to but metabolized differently from glucose so that it does not negatively impact glycemic (blood sugar) control.
  • Binds to Type I Fimbriae (Short Pili) bacteria anchoring sites.
    • Type I fimbriae are proteins on the surface of bacteria that play a pivotal role in bacterial adhesion and are the most common virulence factor of UroPathogenic Escherichia coli (UPEC) Infections. 1
    • Type I fimbriae are major facilitators of UPEC entry into Host cells, and prevalent adhesins expressed by most of the pathogenic strains.2
    • Bacteria expressing Type I pili are most frequently associated with infections in the lower urinary tract and bladder causing cystitis. 2,3
  • Clinically proven effective dose for prevention of UTIs (24-hour protection): 2000 mg/day.

Proanthocyanidins (PAC) 36 mg:

  • PACs bind to receptor on the bacteria to reduce possibility of adhering to the bladder or urinary tract, allowing for natural flushing of the bacteria during urination.
  • Binds to P Pili (Long Pili) bacteria anchoring sites.
    • P pili (long pili) are also proteins on the surface of bacteria and are the second most common virulence factor of UroPathogenic Escherichia coli (UPEC).1
    • Bacteria expressing P pili are most frequently associated with infections in the upper urinary tract and kidney region causing pyelonephritis (infection of the kidneys) 3
  • Clinically proven effective dose for prevention of UTIs (24-hour protection): 36mg PACs.

1: Rosana Ribic, Acta Pharma. 68 (2018) 1-18
2: Joaquim Ruiz, Difference in Virulence Factors among Clinical Isolates of Excherichia coli Causing Cystitis and Pyelonephritis in Women and Prostatitis in Men, Journal Of Clincial Microbiology, Dec. 2002, p. 4445-4449.
3: Magnus Anderson et al, The Biomechanical Properties of E. coli Pili for Urinary Tract Attachment Reflect the Host Environment, Biophysical Journal Volume 93, November 2007, 3008-3014

We employ the DMAC/c-PAC, the most precise standard of measurement, to guarantee each daily dose contains the essential 36 mg of PACs, ensuring accuracy in the most meticulous manner. Additionally, we include 2000 mg of D-mannose in every daily dose for added protection. Why pay twice the price for a competing brand to achieve the same desired effect?

When URIEXO makes its way into the urinary tract, its two active ingredients (D-mannose and PACs) target E. coli at two separate anchoring sites called “Pili”.  E. coli account for 90 % of UTIs and may have either the Type I “Pili” or Type P “Pili” or both on their surface. Depending on which type of “Pili” they have, they may cause infection in different parts of the urinary tracts. URIEXO is different in that it targets and binds to both of these “Pili” anchoring sites and in doing so, prevents the bacteria from binding to the lining of both the upper and lower urinary tract.  Once the bacteria is bound to URIEXO it is safely flushed out in urine.

This means that URIEXO attracts and binds with more types of E. coli so that the bacteria can be occupied and safely rinsed, preventing it from binding with your urinary tract instead.

Understanding the role of both Soluble and Insoluble PACs, alongside with D-Mannose, in UTI Prevention:

PACs, a flavonoid subclass, possess potent antioxidant and anti-adhesive properties. Abundant in cranberries, blueberries, and grape seeds, they inhibit pathogenic bacteria adhesion, notably Escherichia coli, in the urinary tract. Soluble PACs, along with D-mannose, are readily bioavailable and contribute significantly to the anti-adhesive effects against UTI-causing bacteria.

On the other hand, insoluble PACs, while less bioavailable, can withstand the passage through the stomach and survive to act as reservoirs within the gastrointestinal tract, providing prolonged protection against bacterial adhesion.

Ingestion of E. Coli can lead to gastrointestinal colonization
Cranberry PACs inhibit pathogenic E. coli’s ability to adhere to epithelial cells

Steps in ingestion, transient colonization, epithelium invasion and excretion of Escherichia coli following passage through the intestine.

Roles of soluble and insoluble PACs in reducing the colonization of E.coli and its ability to cause urinary tract infection.

Part of the role of insoluble PACs was explained by Krueger who demonstrated that they are not degraded by the acid passage in the stomach and that once they reach the small intestine, they become, for certain ingested probiotic bacteria and commensal bacteria of the microbial flora, a source of energy promoting their growth. Digestion of insoluble PACs into smaller soluble units would allow them to interact with the E. coli present in the intestinal flora and prevent the invasion of epithelial cells by E. coli, which would largely reduce its potential virulence. Lastly, insoluble PACs play a protective role against degradation of the shortest soluble PACs chains that are not absorbed in the intestine.

Therefore, measuring both soluble and insoluble PAC levels is crucial for understanding their preventive efficacy comprehensively. Failure to account for insoluble PACs may lead to underestimation of their true impact on UTI prevention.

Dual-Action for Enhanced Protection:

Given the importance of both soluble and insoluble PACs in UTI prevention, supplements containing both forms may offer superior efficacy over supplements that contain only soluble PACs. For even more enhanced protection against UTIs, embracing dual-action supplements containing both types of PACs alongside with D-Mannose, individuals may benefit from a more comprehensive protection against UTIs, ultimately improving urinary tract health and reducing the burden of recurrent infections.

By combining soluble PAC extracts with insoluble PAC-rich sources, along with D-Mannose, supplements such as URIEXO may provide a more comprehensive protection against bacterial adhesion throughout the urinary tract and digestive tract.

Can You take cranberry and D-mannose together?

Yes, you certainly can take cranberry and D-mannose at the same time! One 2020 study¹ concluded that administering D-mannose with cranberry extract showed ‘an increase in effectiveness when used in combination with empirical treatment for uncomplicated UTIs.’ So, not only is it safe to take both together, but the overall treatment looks to be more effective.

Another randomized study on peri- and postmenopausal women with recurrent UTIs showed that oral supplementation of a product containing cranberry and D-mannose, was well-tolerated and effective in UTI treatment and in reducing risk for recurrent UTIs.²

Keep in mind however, the first and only course of action for treating a UTI are antibiotics, however, treatments such as URIEXO which contain both D-mannose and PACs at their clinically effective dose can prevent UTIs by preventing bacteria from attaching in the first place.

We employ the DMAC/c-PAC, the most precise standard of measurement, to guarantee each daily dose contains the essential 36 mg of PACs, ensuring accuracy in the most meticulous manner. Additionally, we include 2000 mg of D-mannose in every daily dose for added protection. Why pay twice the price for a competing brand to achieve the same desired effect?

Click here to learn more about the different types of cranberry measurements and how URIEXO ensures you are optimally covered.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Be cautious of assertions from certain proanthocyanidin supplement manufacturers who claim superiority in their measurement methods without referencing accessible published literature. These are the same companies that may inaccurately state higher PAC content than what is indicated on their Health Canada license and packaging.
It’s crucial to remember that products subjected to comprehensive evaluation for quality, safety, and efficacy by Health Canada typically bear a Natural Product Number (NPN). Conversely, products lacking an NPN on their label or packaging likely haven’t undergone thorough Health Canada evaluation and may not meet stringent standards. Essentially, the Health Canada NPN guarantees that you receive precisely what is stated on the label and what you’ve paid for.

“Why should you settle for less?”

UNIQUE FORMULATION: URIEXO’s unique formulation with D-Mannose (2000 mg/day) & Proanthocyanidins (36 mg/day PACs) helps prevent Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs).

CLINICAL STRENGTH: URIEXO is formulated with not one but two clinically active ingredients at the highest clinically effective dose allowed by Health Canada.

PUBLISHED DATA: The data behind URIEXO has been published in Scientific Journals..

COST EFFECTIVE: URIEXO is almost ½ price compared to combining other brands containing just one active ingredient.

BONUS: Free UTI test strip included.

Scientifically formulated to bind to two separate anchoring sites of bacteria, URIEXO provides you with a two-pronged and scientifically proven defence against recurring UTIs with each and every daily dose.

  • Helps prevent Urinary Tract Infections and its symptoms:
    • Painful or difficult urination
    • Frequent urination
    • Urgency to urinate
    • Suprapubic/pelvic pain
  • Two Medicinal Ingredients:
    • D-Mannose (2000 mg/day)
    • PACs, sourced from cranberry (36mg/day)
  • Antibiotic-Free
  • Easy to Swallow Capsules
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Developing a daily routine with URIEXO is the secret to preventing and eliminating UTIs, once and for all.

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